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Brand new products to pass your drug test!

18th Sep 2016


These 2 new products should never ever fail a urine test, even if its sprung on you suddenly and your watched all the way to the urinal.

Both of them are tiny vials designed to keep in your pocket for an emergency situation, you simply add them to your sample to clear it of any toxins/drugs.

Clear Choice ICA Instant Clean Additive is for the lab test, it will show a clean reading when it gets to the lab, but will still show positive for the initial dip-stick test. Ideal for those that want a paid holiday:)

SPIKE Urine Additive is for the initial dip stick test, it will not even get sent to the lab because it will give a negative reading for the 1st test that gets your sample sent to the lab, perfect for those that actually wanna stay at work for the duration of their swing.

Fremantles Finest is the only Australian company that will ever be stocking these items as we own exclusive nation wide distributor rights.