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Car Key design 200g x 0.01g Mini Electronic Digital

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Digital Car Key Style Scale Ultrathin 100g/0.01 Light Weight



This portable pocket scale features a handy auto-tare function, with accuracy to 0.01g, easily measuring your gold, jewelry, medicinal material etc. The shape is designed as a car key, it's very stylish and portable.

Main Features:
- Digital scale with 100g capacity and 0.01g readability, works great for any gold, jewelry, medicinal material, condiment etc.
- Accurate weighing: equipped with a high-precise sensor, ensures fast and accurate weighing.
- Backlight LCD display makes the numbers visible and easy to read.
- Quick unit conversion: g, dwt, ct for easy weighing unit translations.
- Tare/zero function allows you to measure messier ingredients.
- With overload and low battery indicator, convenient to use.
- Jewelry weight scale, only needs 1 x button battery (built-in).
- Suitable for factories, schools, laboratories, jewelry stores use.

Operating Instructions:
1. Open the battery box, and take out the transparent insulation piece before use.

2. Use the thumb to push and open the cover. Press the right button, wait for a few seconds until the LCD shows 0, press the left button to choose weighing unit if necessary, then place the item in the platform, and read the data after LCD is stabilized.

3. To deduce the weight of the tare, please place the article on the platform, press the right button to make zero, then it will display the weight of the article.ype a description for this product here...