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Crypto-Currency ATM

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Have you ever thought of owning your own Bank? - Well now you can! with GlobalATM™

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This new ATM is a solid freestanding Cash Vault which lets your customers buy and sell Crypto-Currencies such as Bitcoin with Cash.  Rather than put your money in the Bank, you put it in this machine and earn a margin every time your customers buy and sell Crypto.  The margin is around 5% on every dollar that passes through the machine. You can change the profit figure either up or down.  There are two choices, your customer needs only to enter a 6 digit code at the machine to make a cash deposit or cash withdrawal. or they can walk up to any machine and buy or sell Crypto.


  • A cash deposit lets them BUY Crypto
  • A cash withdrawal lets them SELL their Crypto

 The device has a display, a keypad for entering the codes and a note acceptor (Deposits) and ejector (Withdrawals). In addition, deposits of notes are available for withdrawals (Built in Note Recycler). You can start the machine empty and wait for it to fill up before turning on withdrawals.


Deposits of Cash

 he only provision is you need to have cash at the Currency exchange (The system will automatically Buys Crypto at the currency exchange with the cash balance, and sends that Crypto to your customers wallet less your profit once the deposit at the machine is validated by the acceptor). The money is in the machine. See withdrawals:

 Withdrawals of Cash

 The reverse is true when the customer wants to sell their Crypto. Your Customer sends their crypto from their wallet to the ATM, and then system sells that crypto once they make their cash withdrawal at your machine. The cash balance at the exchange goes back up. See deposits above.

  Start with $1,000.

 The machine can hold 1,000 notes and is programmed to accept, sort and store 4 denominations (say 10, 20, 50,100)  You will need insurance and a secure safe premise with cameras and security protection. - Just like a Bank, accept that now you are making 5% on your dollar!



 Say 1 Bitcoin is selling at around $10,000

 Say 10 customers buy $1,000 worth in a day - (with good marketing, position, initial helpers, and a reliable supplier - that's us!)

 = $10,000 x 5% = $500.00 profit before your costs.

 Each customer will receive about 0.095 BTC (Bitcoin) or $950.00 discounted.

 Works the same way when they want to sell the Bitcoin back to you.


 Insurance - ask for business insurance.

  1. Letting fees for the premise, if not your own.
  2. Internet - Broadband connection and a Static IP address.  We don't do WiFi
  3. Shipping and Installation.
  4. A Maintenance contract is recommended on hardware. A qualified technician cleans and aligns the machine once a month at least and break fix. - call IBM, HP and UBER.

 How much will you make in a day?

 The market for Crypto currency is worth $124 billion dollars US per day. That is the amount which is bought and sold worldwide across many Crypto's, assets and we share our advertising revenue with you.  Withdraw your bonus from a GlobalATM™

The only other jobs are:

The Exchange float

Automated by messages from the system. Sometimes your exchange float gets to low, deposit cash AUD, USD, EUR, GBP or any of the 152 currencies we support, simply see the Map and go to to the nearest GlobalATM™. 

The Cash float

GlobalATM™ store 1,000 notes.  You will need to have physical access to the machine to empty your cash safe, when the message arrives, at a preferred day and time which suits you, or to your cash-in -transit operator. (not included).

GlobalATM™ Software as a Service (SaaS) starts from $299 per month and includes 1st level support to your valued clients. Maintenance contracts can be paid at any GlobalATM™.

GlobalATM™ comes online world-wide on the 1/1/2020: 11:11:11 AM. Secure yours now before initial stocks run out.  Shipping options are varied.  Support, training and making you a success is included. 

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