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Drone jammer gun

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Drone jammer gun

This drone jammer gun can be sent to anywhere in the world with stealth. It is sent in many different pieces and comes with detailed instructions on assembly. It is sent in 3 -5 seperate parcels sent on different days to help keep this device discreet from nosy neighbours, housemates, postal workers etc.

We do not send this out to customers who are in our opinion going to break the laws of whatever jurisdiction they may live, however it is up to the customer to check on their own relevant laws regarding ownership of this item, as we are not international lawyers, just merely humble retailers.

This website has nothing to do with whats available in any of our actual storefronts. THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE IN-STORE ANYWHERE so please do not ask.

This will be sent to you more than likely from outside the country you reside in and as such we take no responsibilty for how it is used or it's legality in your place of residence.

We do however guarantee it's safe arrival wherever it is you order from.