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Drone Jmmer!

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Drone Jmmer!
Product Name: Drone Jammer Application: Drone Jamming
Net Weight: 7.2 Kgs RF Output Power: 15 Watts
Gross Weight: 10 Kgs Working Time: 2 Hours
Operating Temp: -20 To 60℃ Dimension: 960×400×230mm
Power Of Each Band: 5 Watts Operating Humidity: 5% - 95%

 sent in several different prcels in pieces for gurnteed delivery worldwide!

Wireless Drone Jammer With Long Range For Personal Protection


Product Description


The battle for control of the skies continues. As the amount of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) drones increases each year, many people are stepping up their efforts to keep the devices out of the air. Times Starlight Technology, a traditional RF Signal jammer manufacturer in Shenzhen, has now developed various of new products, dubbed the Drone Defenders, that attacks UAVs with radio waves.


The Drone Defender stated to use “radio control frequency disruption technologies to safely stop drones in the air, before they can pose a threat to military or civilian safety.” It operates on standard GPS, 2.4G, 5.8G and ISM radio bands, allowing for it to interference with both commercial and special UAV drone signals.


The Drone Defender can hit objects from 100 to 5000 meters with an effective angle from 30° to 360°. A Drone Defender can be done from the smallest handheld portable jammer to the biggest Prison Jammer and VIP vehicle Mounted Jammer by different requirements.


When a remote control signal is interfered, drones will often enter into their safety protocols, which usually includes one of three options. It will either hover in place until the pilot can regain a control link, attempt to land so the pilot can recover it physically, or try to return to its point of origin. Since the Drone Defender is mentioned to be attacking the GPS signal as well (for optional, adjustable and can be turned off independently), the scenario is that the device will hover for a while or try to land.




  1. Portable handheld design
  2. UHF wideband interference, effective power (channel power) high, far interference distance
  3. Multi-band frequency design, interference all kinds of aircraft flight control
  4. The antennas had been design switch , efficient and convenient at emergency
  5. Imported components, The design of low starting circuit can avoid spark phenomenon of mechanical switches, high integration level , stable operation
  6. Be Alone Antennas with main, ease for replacement and maintenance
  7. Protection design foe the amplifier model ,protect operational reliability.




  • Prison safety protection
  • prison routine safety protection
  • Research confidentially safety protection;
  • Government, administrative protection;
  • Military base confidentiality protection;



Frequency Output power Blocking target
GPS 37dbm GPS
2.4 37dbm 2.4G Flight control
5.8 37dbm 5.8G Figure the flight control and Beidou navigation system


Behavior of electricity

Output power             37dbm
Power supply mode    Built-in battery 24V,8A(could full power working 120 minutes)
Jamming frequency    Drone flight control frequency and positioning system


Physical Properties

Dimension (L×H×W)       960×400×230mm
Humidity                         5%-95%
Operating temperature   -10℃ to +50℃
Weight                           7.2Kg


Package Standard

Main engine       carton box
Gun ejector        specialized protection box
Cable                 carton box
Charger             carton box