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James Bond Locksmith Set - 5pce

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James Bond Locksmith Set - 5pce
James Bond Credit Card Jammed Lock Repair Kit
Excellent for repairing broken locks, or removing broken keys in locks.
This stainless steel lock repair set contains 5 tools and one Credit Card sliding case.
  • Small Half Diamond Pick
  • Short Hook Pick
  • Snake Rake Pick
  • Single Sided Pick
  • Flat Tension Tool
  • Credit Card Sliding Case
This fantastic new credit card lock repair set has 4 of the finest stainless steel pick tools ever made, and a double-ended tension tool of .035 spring stainless steel. There are 3 cavities in the base of the credit card that hold 2 pairs of lock repair picks with the tension tool in the middle. The card set is less than 1/8 inch thick and fits into the same space as a credit card!