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Kratom 100g (Rainbow wild strain) sent from Australia

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Kratom 100g  (Rainbow wild strain) sent from Australia

Borneo Gold is the finest Kratom in the world, sourced from the wild jungles of Borneo. Wholesale amounts also available. 

Borneo Gold is the number 1 exporter of wild harvest Kratom in the world. We are the only company exporting wholesale wild Kratom to the USA (the worlds largest market).

Now Australian's are lucky enough to be able to buy this quality product domestically.

We believe wild Kratom is the biggest thing to happen in Western medicine since the investion of penicillin all them years ago, it's also medicine's best kept secret.

The magical plant will rid you of all physical withdrawal symptoms from opiate's, it's a very effective pain killer, great source of energy,anti-depressant and gives an all round feeling of well being.




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