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Long Range Anti Drone Device 3 Seconds Warm Up Time 25 watts For Security

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Long Range Anti Drone Device 3 Seconds Warm Up Time 25 watts For Security



  • Effective coverage, drone gun defense distance up to 2km. The anti drone distance will not be influenced by the environment and working conditions. This is very different from the traditional cell phone signal jamming and blocking.

  • Portable, Rifle shape without a backpack, one person operation. All in one design without any other accessories.

  • Easy to use, no technical training for set up or use required

  • Immediate video cease, immediately ceases video transmission back to the drone operator. The drone will be disabled and start to fell down in 1-5 seconds once the anti-drone device drone gun being turned on.


    Advantages of drone gun


    1. over full drone remote control and video communication signal such as 900/1.2~1.3/1.5~1.6/2.4/5.8. Other customized frequencies for special drone jamming can also be customized such as 433, 868 and any other known frequencies for drones.

    2. Light weight at 7.2kg only including battery
    3. Used digital technology, DDS module and Latest algorithm (Not analog signal)
    4. Super long jamming range over 2000M
    5. Standing Wave Alarm
    6. Low battery alarm
    7. Each band Independent switching
    8. 3 antennas cover all 6 band drone signal
    9. Support DC/AC power
    10. Antenna after special processing (Highest technology) make jamming range times added


    Product Description


    The civilian drone develops really fast in recent years, many industries are turning drone as an assistant to promote the improvement of productivity, Aerial photography, geographic mapping, forest fire prevention, agricultural pest control, water detection, area control, advertising etc. Not only that, It is a prediction from experts that the rapid development of civilian drones will influx of people's daily lives, such as express delivery, meal, entertainment and many things unexpected, maybe play a leading role by the drones in the future, different regions will face a low-altitude areas to security pressures and management challenges.


    TSL High Tech Anti Drone Device, Long Range Drone Gun For Security is specialized interference, Suppression and disable most known drones. It can be used to shoot down the harmful drones through RF frequency and GPS signal. With this anti drone device on, the Drone cannot enter the defense area.



  • Portable handheld design

  • UHF wideband interference, effective power (channel power) high, far interference distance

  • Multi-band frequency design, interference all kinds of aircraft flight control, drone and UAV

  • Imported components, The design of low starting circuit can avoid spark phenomenon of mechanical switches, high integration level , stable operation

  • Protection design for the amplifier model, protect operational reliability.



  • Prison safety protection

  • prison routine safety protection

  • Research confidentially safety protection

  • Government, administrative protection

  • Military base confidentiality protection


Frequency Output power Blocking target
GPS 37dbm GPS
2.4 37dbm 2.4G Flight control
5.8 37dbm 5.8G Figure the flight control and navigation system


Behavior of electricity

Output power 37dbm
Power supply mode Built-in battery 24V,8A(could full power working 120 minutes)
Jamming frequency Drone flight control frequency and positioning system


Package Standard

Main engine carton box
Gun ejector specialized protection box
Cable carton box
Charger carton box

• Anti drone device system with its user friendly Tactical Hand Control Unit can easily be operated and managed.
• The system can easily be used as a vehicular, stationary or portable anti drone device with relevant accessories within the flexible utilization concept. The system provides effective protection in every kind of usage areas, transportation and deployment with relevant accessories.
• High Tech Anti Drone Device, Long Range Drone Gun For Security can easily be used both in the hand case as a portable jammer blocker and on trolley.
• Customized as requirements for option.


Please contact us to customize your own drone gun if you are not satisfied with this one. There is nothing we can’t do as the earliest and best drone gun designer and manufacturer.