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Sky 5 Taser shoots 50m

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Sky 5 Taser shoots 50m

Check the switch is closed, open front cover, insert 5 bullets, Tighten the front cover for the red light sight(first gear), when the second gear red indicate lighting, hold red switch shot the first bullet, rotating 70 degree turn right, then hold red switch shot, you can rotate 5 times.

1. This is new remote prevent rob, explosion-proof, self-defense flying equipment, shot range about 50 meters
2. Don't look at the shot Emitter when you use the product to avoid injured that unnecessary
3.It introduce in Five-sided with the most advanced launcher, Flight tear agent with red, yellow colored agent flight, black flight fog agents, anti-theft powder blue flight, species diversity.
4. When use it, if some launcher is not shot, switch off, open front cover, and change the launcher.
5.when the indicate is dark and can't shot,please charge it in time.
6. When it isn't used, upload the launcher and keep it well.
7. Don't put it in damp, sunny, raining, and high/low temperature environment
8.Charge the launcher with charger that design for it, the current is right,the Electrode can't be insert reversed,the charge time can't too long, or the battery's using life will shorter even cause Burst.
Tech Parameters:

1.Source voltage: 3.6V
2. Current consumption: > 2.5A
3. Output voltage: 30KV
4. Size: 165mm x 150 mm, Hands holding: 75mm
Package included:

1 x Launcher Device
10 x Launcher
1 x Charger
1 x User manual