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WD-40 Stash Device (8oz)

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WD-40 Stash Device (8oz)

Hide your cash, jewelry, keys and all sorts of goodies in this realistic Stash Can.  It looks and feels like an ordinary can of WD40 but doubles as a clever spot to stash anything of value!

The Stash Can top unscrews to reveal a secret compartment where you can store anything safely and secretly.  Keep one in the glove box or boot of your car to store spare keys, small change or anything you might like to keep safe from prying eyes.

Fill your Stash Can with jewelry, money or any other goodies and hide it amongst other cans in your laundry, shed or garage.  It’s weighted to feel like a real can of WD40 so, even if you have a few notes or something small and lightweight in your Stash Can, it won’t feel any different to a normal can of WD40 when it’s picked up. The last place burglars and would be thieves look for anything of value is inside a can of WD40!  

Going away on holidays and don’t want to leave spare keys to your car laying around for would be thieves to find?  One of the most common things stolen from house break-ins is your car. Once inside your house thieves simply locate your keys and off they go in your vehicle!  The Stash Can is the perfect solution.  Pop your car keys inside the Stash Can and store it in your garden shed, garage or even in the laundry.  You can relax on your holidays knowing that, even if there is a break in while you’re gone, the keys are safely hidden away in a Stash Can where nobody would even think to look!