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The Whizz Kit - Unisex Whizzinator

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The Whizz Kit - Unisex Whizzinator


The Whizz Kit

The Whizz Kit is an easy to use, refillable synthetic urine belt designed for both men and women. The Whizz Kit belt is made from 100% cotton and is a comfortable fit for all body types with a waist measurement up to 48”. The Whizz Kit is cleverly designed to discreetly tuck away under your clothing. The Whizz Kit uses a simple but clever gravity operated system to deliver a warm, toxin free synthetic urine sample through a flexible rubber tube attached to the belt. Clamp clips prevent leakage when closed and can be quickly and easily released to allow the synthetic urine to flow freely when required.   

The Whizz Kit uses pre-mixed synthetic urine. No messy mixing needed!  The synthetic urine contained in The Whizz Kit is toxin free, ph balanced and contains all the same ingredients as natural human urine. Totally refillable, The Whizz Kit can be re-used over and over again. Simply clean the bladder belt and refill it with a new batch of synthetic urine when required.  For refills, we suggest using Quick Fix Plus and recommend to always keep back up stocks of Quick Fix Plus on hand.

The organic heat pads included in The Whizz Kit are amazingly simple to use and wonderfully effective!  The synthetic urine is heated to optimal temperature in approximately 30 to 60 minutes. The easy to read temperature strip lets you know when the synthetic urine has reached the ideal temperature for use.

The Whizz Kit comes fully assembled and includes:

  • 3 oz of pre-mixed synthetic urine.
  • 2 heat pads.
  • Easy to read temperature strip.
  • Detachable 100% cotton belt.
  • 60ml syringe.

Please note:  Do not re-use leftover synthetic urine!  Once exposed to air, bacteria will grow in the synthetic urine so we suggest it should be used within 24 hours of opening the bottle. The Whizz Kit has a 1 year shelf life.